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Fascia Bell Fascia Bell Fascia Bell Fascia Bell Fascia Bell Fascia Bell Fascia Bell Fascia Bell

Fascia Bell

Sales Price: $390.00

Fascia Bell is a set of 3 different sized and bell-shaped tool for relaxation. As for initial application on body, it does not trigger sharp pain and discomfort like using the acupressure ball and massage roller stick. Indeed, it provides effective relaxation with minimum effort.


Employed with the principle of vacuuming, the small tool can lift the skin, muscles and deep fascia tissue to induce effective in-depth acupressure. It is particularly applicable to phubbers, peoples with stiff back and overuse of keyboard. What’s more, it can effort a similar effect of cupping but avoiding the risk of burning injury. However, you do not have to worry about the leakage of vacuuming. All you should do is “pick and release”, then it can hold back in place. Lastly, when you use it to stroke on the skin, it provides similar benefits of “Gausha treatment”.


Modern people may have neck and shoulder pains quite often due to prolonged use of mobile devices. The problem can be relieved by stroking the Fascia Bell on neck for 2 to 3 minutes. This technique can also be applied on arms, back and legs at ease. In addition, you can use it while you are working in office.


There is a series of relaxation technique: Massaging, Oscillating, Shifting and Sliding (MOSS), that comes with the product that can bring about excellent results at application. It is recommended users to buy 2 sets for better cleanliness and substitution in daily use.