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About AASFP Cloud

Welcome to Continuing Education Centre (CEC)

The Continuing Education Centre (CEC) aims to provide students of AASFP with ample opportunities to engage in lifetime learning and upkeep their professional knowledges in the fitness industry. As such, they can be able to meet the challenges ever-facing in their personal training career. In addition, through learning in CEC, AASFP instructor-level certificates holders can acquire Continuing Education Units (CEUs) which are essential to maintain their certificates valid.

About the E-Learning Platform

Our newly revamped CEC is an "E-Learning Platform" which is an online system for student to engage in learning and assessment. The platform provides a broad range of fitness and personal training related topics, called "E-Learning Module(ELM)" for you to study and earn CEUs. All modules are run entirely online to facilitate you to study with maximal flexibility. If you want to equip with more advanced and diversified training skills to deal with challenging training environments, but prefer studying at your own pace, it is the study platform suitable for you!


What will be learned

Subjects to be delivered range from advanced training for sports performance to rehabilitative exercises; from weight management to exercise nutrition, and more. Learning materials will be presented in high-quality multimedia as such video clips with supplementary notes/key points so that you can grasp the knowledge at ease. All content is designed and presented by our qualified and experienced professional trainers. A set of questions are attached in each learning module, that is intended to assess your understanding of the teaching content. By passing it successfully, CEUs will be awarded.

To know more about the content and/or the intended learning outcomes of individual module, please visit here.


Learning Objectives:

1. To provide the basic knowledge and understandings of a particular subject in fitness
2. To arouse learner’s interests and motivation for further study
3. To correct the misunderstandings of some concepts, technique and/or subject matters.
4. To promote particular subject areas related to fitness


Enrolling an E-Learning Module

Simply add your selected learning module into shopping cart and check out. After successful payment is made, the module should be available in your account immediately. To start learning the module, select “Continuing Education” -> “My e-Learning Module(Paid)” (log-in required) on top menu bar of our website, where you can find your enrolled modules. 

For AASFP students (with a student account)
You should first login to your student account, then proceed to enrollment. Therefore, you can consolidate, view and manage all your study records, such as acquired certificates and CEUs in one single account.

For non-AASFP students (without any accounts in AASFP)
Please go through the steps below:

1. Create a “shopper account” in our website first. To create, click here.

2. Check your email registered in this account. Then activate this shopper account by clicking the link as instructed in email.

3. Purchase your e-learning module. 

4. *Our staff will assign you a student ID and inform you about this through Whatsapp and/or a separated email in a few working days. At this that moment, this shopper account has become a “student account” in which you can view/manage your records as described above.

5. When Step 4 is completed, you can find your newly purchased learning module in “Continuous Education” --> “My E-Learning Module (Paid)”.


Granting CEUs

All users, including the AASFP students and non-AASFP students interested in sports and fitness can enrol and learn through the e-learning platform. However, CEUs will ONLY be awarded to AASFP students who have possessed at least one of the following certificates at time when the result of a module is announced:

1) AASFP Certificate in Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer (APT)
2) AASFP Kickboxing for Personal Trainer Certificate
3) AASFP Aqua Personal Trainer Certificate


Please note, NO CEUs will be given to you for passing an module while without holding any of the above certificates!

In general, there is no definite pre-requisites for enrolling a module. However, since each module may involve delivery of specific knowledge, skills and/or practices related to fitness and exercise training which may require students with basic knowledge of that subject matters. Therefore, having a certificate of fitness foundation will be an advantage for you to start learning in our e-learning platform.