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_TrainerSafe Flyer front cover.jpg

TrainerSafe (Professional Indemnity Insurance)

Sales Price: $1,900.00
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A World of Fitness – TrainerSafe


With increasing complexity of fitness practices and higher tendency for litigation of professional negligence, it is important to avoid putting your training business at stake. TrainerSafe is designed to protect trainer against the cost of defense in the event of negligence claim regarding training services. As a thoughtful trainer, you need a professional and comprehensive insurance plan for your hassle-free training session.


TrainerSafe Insurance is tailor-made for professional trainers who are holders of AASFP Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. It enables you to meet the legal liability under the Professional Indemnity up to HK$600,000 including defence cost and expense and offers protection through a host of liability coverage. TrainerSafe provides financial & legal security that all trainers would need.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

TrainerSafe covers and protects professional trainers against a wide range of potential actions arising from breaches of professional duty.


Maximum Protection (including legal costs)

HK$600,000 (for each single case and accumulated claim total annually) to protect you against the cost of defense in the event of negligence claim regarding training services.


Litigation and legal representation costs

Litigation and legal representation costs always are a heavy burden for the insured. The insured shall declare in writing to the insurance company once the occurrence of an accident or claim, the insurance company will consider arrangements for legal representation and all related matters.


Libel and Slander

Loss of Documents

Estates and Legal Representatives


Major Exclusion

Prior or Pending

Fraud and Dishonesty


Related or Associated Entities

Fines and Penalties

Molestation Exclusion

Pure Financial Loss Exclusion


Excess (Including legal and other related costs)

HK$10,000 for each and every claim.


Insured period

1-year (according to effective date of the master policy issued by insurance company)