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_GRZ_1245(small).jpg Stretching & Rehabilitation

Modern rehabilitation concept not only include post-injury recovery management, but also sport injury prevention. Regular stretching and self-massaging are keys to attain these purposes. Products recommended in this category, ranged from massage tools to illustrative reference books may help meet your rehabilitation needs at different stages so that you can keep training hard while reducing the risk of injury.

__shoulder training.jpg Muscle & Functional Training

Muscle strength and endurance is essential for all kinds of activities ranging from competitive sports and fitness training. Functional training put added-value on basic resistance training by enhancing functional abilities such as strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility and more on your body, thereby helping you to become stronger, faster and perform better. Products of this category are carefully selected with benefits to help you achieve specific functional training goals.

_G-02 Instant hot pack.jpg Pain Relief & Treatment

Muscle pain, swelling and tightness are common after prolonged and intense workout. Without good caring of such problems, it may cause chronic overuse of joints and muscles. Our carefully selected items in this category are effective and safe to speed up recovery by relieving pain, providing cooling-effective, facilitating blood circulation and reducing inflammation, so that you can be ready to go for a next training session.