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MTI-A 2019.jpeg

Muay Thai Instructor (Advanced) Certification

Sales Price: $5,700.00

Download MTI-A-0119-5 Timetable

Price : $5700 / Member Price : $5550 / Early Bird (Less $150): registered 3 weeks before start date (2 weeks for AASFP Member)


Course + instant apply for AASFP Membership : $6100

Payment via Visa card, the prodcedures are as follows:

Step 1 : Enroll AASFP Membership (Click here)

              Enter discount coupon code : MTIA0119MEMEB (Now on - 1 Feb 2019)

              Enter discount coupon code : MTIA0119MEM (Start on 2 Feb 2019)

Step 2 : Enroll this course


Apply for AASFP membership now with this course, the original membership fee $800 ( 2-year ), the best offer now.

Details of the benefit of membership.


Courses Description: Advanced Intermediate courses Advanced courses. As a professional Muay Thai coach, you must understand the knowledge of Muay Thai, with Prepare a comprehensive personal technology and coaching skills. This course is a special focus on coaching techniques and Muay Thai boxing action in the practical application of training on, it will be implemented through practical application, to enhance the combination of design students, senior grip target, the ring sparring ability , the ring sparring skills. Courses focus: • "Advanced Defense Techniques" - Advanced wrapped wrestling and investment fell Training System • "boxers training camp" - Boxer Bootcamp cycle designed specifically for Muay Thai training program to enhance the balance, responsiveness, muscular endurance, power, flexibility • "Muay Thai Challenge Cup" - Sparring Muay Thai ring technology-driven simulation games, including boxing Tuixi (wrapped twist) Technology