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Hayden 羅壹曦

 Hayden 羅壹曦
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: Boxing and fitness trainer
Experience: 7 years
Motto: Nothing Changes .....If Nothing Changes

Strongest Skills:

Fitness test, analysis and training program
Team practice and arrangement
Training with fat reducing and weight losing as targets
Design targeted fitness courses with diversified training elements, breaking the limitations of venue or traditional concepts of fitness so as to help the clients reach their ideal fitness or slimming goals in a safe and efficient way.

Most outstanding achievements:

Regarding client’s training.

I successfully helped a male client (height: 180 cm; weight: 94 kg; Fat Mass: 26%; BMI: 29) to lose weight with significant results. Through fitness training and diet control, in three months his weight reduced to 77 kg, with fat mass at 17.5% and BMI at 24. His BMI at and fat mass are both within a healthy, ideal range.

I successfully helped a female client (height: 164 cm / weight: 64 kg / fat mass: 35% / BMI: 24) to lose weight with significant results. Through fitness training and diet control, in four months her weight reduced to 58 kg, with fat mass at 30% and BMI at 21.5. Her BMI and fat mass are both within a healthy, ideal range.

A student who is enthusiastic towards soccer suffered from cruciate ligament injuries of the knee in an accident. After providing rehabilitation exercises and strengthening training of the knee for him, the student returned to the sports ground in three to four months.

I participated in the organization of an outdoor training camp with 100 participants, and I was also one of the fitness trainers and I was responsible to give training instructions.

I assisted teachers to conduct physical fitness activities with children as AASFP Teaching Assistant.

Regarding academic information or lectures

I conducted seminars and related activities on health regarding stretching and physical fitness for different organisations.

Regarding self-training

I am enthusiastic at sports, and am especially keen on cycling and boxing. I have joined a 10 KM distance running before, as well as Hong Kong Cyclothon 30km race. By applying heart rate monitoring techniques and conducting periodic training arrangement, I raised the number of kilometres I can complete in 3 hours from 30-35 km to 50-55 km within a 3-month period of practice.

Regarding contributions to the industry

Helped e2Care health program site event (e2care.hk) in shooting demonstrations of Zumba, aerobic exercises, bodyweight training and stretching exercises

Interviewed by FACE magazine to demonstrate Pilates

Interviewed by Ming Pao Weekly to demonstrate Pilates

Interviewed by TVB Weekly to demonstrate stretching