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Trix 胡慧鈞

Trix 胡慧鈞
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: Freelance Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer
Experience: 8 years
Motto: Good job – Raise the level of difficulties to challenge physically fit ones to a higher level : Great job – Modify and tailor made the level of difficulties to facilitate physically weak ones to a higher confidence level

Strongest Skills:

Pre & Post natal fitness training

Pilates comprehensive training

Post Rehab training

Most outstanding achievements:

Regarding client’s training.

Training a female patient aged over 60 who recovered from her cancer to regain her muscle strength and balancing ability within 3 months (one lesson per week). She lost confidence as she failed to walk steadily for longer routes. Eventually she was able to walk along the mountain trails for 2 hours without feeling tired.

Many students who joined my Pilates class felt that their back and waist pain was much relieved. A lady of over 40 used to feel painful in her waist and back when she gets up every morning and even wasn’t able to get off her bed. After joining 3 Pilates courses taught by me, she managed to get rid of the pain after getting up in the morning through reinforcing her core muscles.

Regarding self-training

I spent 3 months on continuous participation in the spinning class held by the fitness centre and with bodyweight training, my heart rate changed from staying at the highest heart rate zone to zone 3 and 4. My body fat mass also decrease from its highest at 9.7% to 6.1%.

Regarding contributions to the industry

Helped e2Care health program site event (e2care.hk) in shooting demonstrations of Zumba, aerobic exercises, bodyweight training and stretching exercises

Interviewed by FACE magazine to demonstrate Pilates

Interviewed by Ming Pao Weekly to demonstrate Pilates

Interviewed by TVB Weekly to demonstrate stretching