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Ray 張家揚

Ray 張家揚
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: AASFP Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer
Experience: 4 years
Motto: Everything is possible with positive attitude

Strongest Skills:

Personal training (including tailor-made training plan and follow-up)

Providing dietary suggestions to clients for slimming

Monitor resistance training programme (especially in designing diets and training plan for body-building clients)

Most outstanding achievements:

Regarding client’s training.

I managed to help a young girl of 1.6m tall to reduce from 145lbs to 125lbs within 6 months’ time. Her BMI was back to ideal range and her body fat decreased from 35% to 26% and fell into healthy and ideal range.

Regarding academic knowledge and preparation of lectures

I have participated in the “We-cycle” The wheel of change cyclist docent training project held by the Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service on behalf of AASFP at Au Tau Youth Centre and Cheer Lutheran Centre, I taught the drug-addicted youths who are undergoing rehabilitation sports knowledge with the aim to help them re-join the society by becoming a docent cyclist.

Regarding self-training

I started working out for 12 years’ time and kept playing basketball to maintain appropriate cardiovascular training. Appropriate cardiovascular training is useful in helping me to achieve the target of losing weight and keeping it.

Regarding contributions to the industry

I was interviewed by different major magazines like MR and New Monday. I have also been the personal trainer of Toni, who is a member of a new music group Coffee & Tea.