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Murchie 林婉萍

Murchie 林婉萍
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: AASFP Advanced Personal Trainer
Experience: 3 years
Motto: Just Do It

Strongest skills:

Stretching for rehabilitation and pain relieve

Body weight training

Most outstanding achievements:

Regarding client’s training

Apart from training my clients, I spend a significant part of my time upkeeping my own fitness, working with my own trainers, as I believe that updating my knowledge, skills and own fitness is a crucial element for being a successful trainer. The fact that all my clients have come through referrals could reflect positively on my philosophy.

Regarding academic knowledge and lectures

I am Murchie LAM and have been a Personal Trainer since I finished my APT training with AASFP 3 years ago. During these 3 years, I have been updating my knowledge and skills to improve myself by continuously attending courses and workshops with AASFP and some external institutes

Regarding self-training

Body Weight Training Instructor Course (AASFP)

Stretch Trainer Certification Course (AASFP)

Stretch Therapist, Stretch TherapyTM (Australia)

Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification (AASFP)

ACSTH Life Coach ICF

Regarding contributions to the industry

I am a Stretch Trainer with AASFP, a Stretch Therapist with Kit Laughlin and have acquired other qualifications with AASFP in fitness training, one of the more recent ones being Mr Orlando To’s Bodyweight Training for Trainers.