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Mavis 葉奐璋

Mavis 葉奐璋
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: Figure Balance, Director and Personal Fitness Trainer
Experience: 11 years

Strongest skills:

Training for special populations

Training for athletes (long distance race, trail walker, endurance training)

Pre- & Post-natal target training

Waist, back and shoulder reinforcement training

Shaping and slimming training for males and females

Most outstanding achievements:

As personal fitness trainer, of course I want to help every customer to meet their requirement with the training plan set by me. This mission and sense of satisfaction helped me accumulate over 10 years of experience which is priceless.

To me “Success” cannot be recorded by pen and paper. If I just help every client to record the number of inches or pounds they gained or lost, isn’t that just commercial instead of professional?

I personally believe that “success” should be recognized and reassured. One must be reputable in the industry in order to be referred or introduced to others to excel.

Regarding client’s training

Case 1:

One singer needs to train up his muscles for his coming concert. I spent 3 months’ time in transforming him from a thin body built to a muscular cute guy and he felt much more confident before and behind the stage.

Case 2:

In small group classes, students like to take pictures of their training and discuss about how to improve and chase for perfect body shape. With two to three months’ time, they changed from feeling exhausted about the training to falling in love with it. Their body shapes improved significantly and there come their happiness and sense of satisfaction.

Regarding academic knowledge and lectures

I was invited by IVE in 2014 as the speaker of the talk for graduates from that year’s sports major class to join the personal trainer industry.

Writing a column called “Tips from the Lady Trainer” for the men magazine Esquire to instruct and promote different safe and effective training plans.

I have introduced and answered questions regarding the advantages of aerial yoga to men and women in the “health and sports without boundary” program held by Metro Finance.

Regarding self-training

Joined the dash training of South China Athletes Club and Hong Kong Watson’s Athletes Club and later participated in open competitions on behalf of Watson’s Athletes Club.

Regarding contributions to the industry

Leading the participants of Orbis UnionPay Moonwalker event in 2011 to do warm-up exercises before the event started.