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Hani 馬家衡

Hani 馬家衡
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: Personal Fitness Trainer
Experience: 6 years
Motto: When training is set as a game, everything is getting easy

Strongest skills:

Coordinating and hosting of large scale family fitness party (10 to 3000 families)

Lecturing (child fitness theory and games and rhythm design)

Teaching child fitness class (target 2-6 years old)

Designing and teaching adults’ fitness scheme (small group of 3-15 persons)

Teaching children and youth soccer (2-16 years old)

Most outstanding achievements:

This year I set up Child’s Smile Limited with the mission of “saying I love your with games” to help young kids and parents to build up the habit of exercising. We use flexible ways to train the students. Designing interesting games is my strength. I already contacted over 200 kindergartens and schools.

Invited by Macau Baptist School as the organizer of fitness activities and the leading host.

Regarding client’s training

I have taught in a kindergarten where 16 childes are mentally disabled. After one year of large muscles training, physiotherapist said most of the cases improved and more than half of the children no longer need individual therapy anymore.

Regarding academic information or lectures

I have been to the kindergarten of different organizations to explain to kindergarten teachers how they should arrange appropriate child fitness classes for their students. E.g. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Tsung Tsin Mission, Ling Liang Church, Women’s Association, Rhenish Church.

I have been invited to different education centers and social welfare organizations to share experience or teacher lectures or certificate courses. E.g. Hong Kong Federation of Youths Group, Elementi Educational Organization, Siubo Education Group Limited, etc.

Regarding self-training

I was in love with soccer since I was small and joined the youth team of Sun Hei during 2007-09 and once represented the preparatory team to play. Later I was active in soccer teams in Leagues B and C, e.g. Kwong Wah Athletic Association, Tung Sing Athletic Association, Lungmoon Athletic Association.

Regarding contributions to the industry

I always organize some small-scale (10 people) or large-scale (6000 people) family fitness activities so that parents can understand how simple it is to do sports with their children.