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Beatrice 黎雪蓮

Beatrice 黎雪蓮
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: Fulltime personal trainer, Philip Wain
Experience: 29 years
Motto: Be professional

Professional experience:

- The first & only Foundation Training Certified Instructor in HK

- Master Trainer of Flexi-Bar & XCO

- Fitness Specialist (Personal Training) of AASFP

- Post-recovery personal trainer

- Polestar Pilates and Gyrotonic instructor

- Internationally registered professional sports trainer

- Senior Acupressure therapist

- Spinal cord balancing restructuring therapist

Most outstanding achievement:

Beatrice Lai is an outstanding sports professional and has been participating in the fitness industry for many years. She works in Philip Wain Hong Kong as personal trainer, course instructor and manager of the fitness department for as long as 28 years. During that period, she was once elected as the best staff of Philip Wain Group. Also, Beatrice is an internationally registered sports training professional and fitness specialist. She is expert in all kinds of stretching exercises and was elected as fitness specialist trainer for Pilates, flexi-bar and XCO.

Regarding client’s training

Beatrice has used the knowledge and skills learnt during post-recovery training together with Pilates exercises to help a client of 76 years old who had suffered from ankle fracture and her ankle been diagnosed by physiotherapist as non-recoverable because of swelling after operation and old age. However, after more than 8 months of training, that client could put on her favourite brand named shoes again and improved her walking and overall posture.

Regarding self-training

Beatrice showed her talents at an earlier stage of her life in the sportsground by winning many awards in inter-school competitions. She was good at short distance dash and relay and won a lot of champions ever since she joined the sports profession in 1986. She took a lot of continued education courses for professional trainers, including Aero Skip – Stage 1, Pre & Post Natal (AASFP), Cycle Reebok, Fit Ball, Body Rolling, Gyrokinesis, Gyrotonic Foundation Parts 1 & 2, Gyrotonic and Pilates Props.

For all those years Beatrice obtained all sorts of professional recognized qualification certificates, including :-

- Sports Club Management (AASFP),

- Personal Fitness Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine),

- Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer (AASFP),

- Reebok Slide Trainer (Reebok University),

- Junior Boxing Coach,

- Kick Boxing Coach (Australian Training for Fitness Professionals, ATP),

- Child Health Adviser (ATP),

- Pilates Mat-work Exercise Instructor,

- Pilates Allegro Reformer,

- Pilates Studio (Polestar Education),

- Gyrokinesis,

- Gyrotonic,

- Total Resistance Exercise,

- Post-rehab Trainer Professional (Upper limb and Lower limb) (AASFP),

- Flexi-Bar Coach,

- Stretch Practitioner (level 2)

- Mind REST, etc.

Apart from having expertise in body fitness and professional knowledge, in recent years, Beatrice is enthusiastic in learning Naturopathy and obtained Advanced Chinese Medicine Acupressure Therapist Certificate. She has also accumulated abundant clinical experience to provide comprehensive instructions to learners and has received good comments.

Regarding contributions to the industry

Beatrice always got invited as guest of TV programs for demonstration. Also she was interviewed by various newspapers as well as radio channels to introduce and promote different kinds of fitness information and knowledge.