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Ivan 鄭曉明

Ivan 鄭曉明
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: Freelance Personal Trainer
Experience: 6 years
Motto: Just do it

Strongest skills:

Strength training

Endurance training

Muscle building training

Functional training

Most outstanding achievements:

I have inseparable relation with fitness and am enthusiastic towards it. Through my seriousness regarding fitness and my experience from past, I spread the advantages of exercising to those around me.

Regarding client’s training

In the past, most large Gym personal trainer focuses on boxing training, equipment training, fitball, etc, which are more traditional. I joined Pure fitness as personal trainer in 2012 and had a good grasp of many kinds of training, including PURMOTION™ system functional training, weight-lifting training, Power Plate training, kettlebell training, HIIT training, etc. Through those trainings, I understood the strengths, specialties and advantages of each kind of training. The sharing of tips of training between my trainer colleagues benefited me a lot and enabled me to use different tools to increase the fun of training.

Regarding academic information or lectures

Since becoming an advanced personal trainer of AASFP in 2008, I took the following courses:

Exercise Ball Instructor Certification Course (AASFP)

Specialized Prescription Program: Elderly Fitness (AASFP)

Specialized Prescription Program: Chronic illness (AASFP)

Regarding self-training

In November 2013, my nasal bone needed an operation and my body weight dropped from 155lbs to 143 lbs. Given my immunity deteriorated after the operation, I rested for 4 months. When I resumed my training, firstly I started with aerobics exercises (running) three times a week and each time my exercise heart rate did not fall under 80%. Besides, I had weight exercise once or twice a week and adopted the traditional pyramid style to 6RM to achieve my goal to increase muscles percentage. As for my diet, I adopted the diet with more meals with smaller portion and had 4-5 meals per day. My training result is that I managed to increase my weight from 143 lbs to 151 lbs with 8 more lbs of muscles.

Regarding contributions to the industry

Since joining TN in 2015, I have been participating in volunteer work actively to pay my contribution to the industry. Joined activities include:

[2015 Metro Health and Life expo] (AASFP volunteer work)

[AASFP x Metro Radio Station](2015 Healing shoulder pain with ten styles of neck and shoulder massage)free public talk(volunteer services)