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Ellgo 黃淞霈

Ellgo 黃淞霈
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: Trainer
Experience: 3 years
Motto: No Pain No Gain

Strongest Skills:

Good communication skills and good at finding ways to being conversation and build up relations

Enthusiastic towards sports and fitness and hope to affect those around and those in need to build up confidence and keep a fit body with his passion towards this event and continuous training.

Most outstanding achievements:

Regarding academic knowledge and preparation of lectures

Since becoming a trainer of AASFP, I focused on one to one and small-class teaching, so that people from different walks of life can get to know the advantages of exercising in order to improve body shapes and get rid of bad habits in their lives and at the same time I can accumulate personal teaching experience.

During 2014, I cooperated with the two big groupbuy sites Groupon and Groupbuyer to promote different kinds of sports, e.g. stretching classes, myofascial release classes, TRX & BOSU training classes.

Starting this year, since the high-intensity interval training courses brought about good benefits and results and let the public know about the advantages and results of such training, the relevant classes opened were well-received and we are planning to hold the classes constantly.

At the same time, in order to deal with the needs of different clients, I signed up for many courses to equip myself, including,

Integrated techniques for myofascial release course

Sports Taping course

TRX suspension training trainer course-group suspension training trainer course

BOSU trainer certificate course

FlexiBar functional training workshop

Also, during the past year, I observed that some Hong Kong people were suffering from all kinds of pain and therefore understood that apart from training our bodies, we also had to recover and keep our body health. Therefore I am planning to sign up for courses likes post-rehab training course and stretch and relaxation courses to add value to myself, hopoing to be able to solve problems on keeping health for more clients.

Regarding self-training

I started losing weight in June 2012 and was as heavy as 84.5kg that time. I spent 20 months on reducing my weight to 61kg but my body fat percentage is still 18% and muscle quantity was still too low. But still I was honoured to be invited by the May issue of 2014 of male life magazine MRRM in sharing my own training experience.

Starting March 2014, I started to set training plan and target. Through diet control, aerobics exercises, high-intensity interval training and resistance training.

Honoured to be invited by AASFP to be one of the 2015-16 AASFP Sports Models.

Preparing and equipping myself for the Bodybuilding Championship next year and hope that I can accumulate more bodybuilding experience through activities held by large organizations

Regarding contributions to the industry

Since becoming a trainer of AASFP, I have been enthusiastic in involving in voluntary work and paying my own contribution to the industry. Since 2014 I joined ATN to actively promote exercises. Activities I joined include:

In recognition of valued service in support 2014 Metro Health Expo on 13-15 June 2014

Sports Taping Service at HEIFER Race to Feed 2014 on 02 November 2015

Sports Taping Service at HKDRC - Nature’s Village 39th Mount Butler (Heritage) Race 2015 on 22 March 2015

In recognition of valued service in support 2015 Metro Health Expo on 14 June 2015