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David 李伯榮

David 李伯榮
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: Bank Officer
Experience: 18 years
Motto: Be confident

Strongest skills:

Cycling training program

Elderly fitness training

Sports massage

Most outstanding achievements:

Regarding client’s training

Since becoming an AASFP trainer in 2009, although I did not become a full-time trainer, I still shared my experience and tips with teammates when we do sports.

Regarding self-training

In 1979, I met the first competition bike and since I was keen on speeds, I took up part-time jobs after school and finally owned my first beginner’s bike. I started training for 2 hours after waking up at 5 am over weekdays. During weekdays, if there were no competitions, I would ride a bicycle from North Point to the Peak and Shek O for one or two rounds as training and eventually got into the Hong Kong Bicycle Team and competed for them.

In 2005, since there was something wrong with my health and also my work, I could only practice cycling during holiday. In order to control my weight and cholesterol level I attempted a new kind of sports and started running and challenged myself by joining half- and full-marathons. In order to understand the skills of expressway running, I joined TNF team training and absorbed experiences for training athletes. I also prepared myself for the North Face 50Km Trial Run on 12 December 2015 and completed at 11:42:18.

Regarding contributions to the industry

After getting the trainer certificate from the AASFP in 2009, I joined 3 different sports and health volunteering services. Apart from contributing to the society, I also managed to learn things that I would not be able to learnt in lessons.