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Bun 歐鴻斌

Bun 歐鴻斌
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Postion: Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer
Experience: 2 years
Motto: Everywhere can be GYM!

Strongest skills:

Body weight training
Weight management and analysis
Aerobic exercise training

Most outstanding achievements:

Regarding client’s training

I have a student with epilepsy whose weight is as heavy as 114 kg. It was caused by the medication for epilepsy and he felt very helpless. I decided to design a “diet management + exercise training” course for him and after 42 days, his weight dropped to 103 kg. And his old medication was replaced with another one which resulted in great improvements in both his mental condition and health status.

Regarding academic information or lectures

Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification Course (AASFP)
Children and Adolescents Fitness Trainer Certification Course AASFP)
Long Distance Running Training Certification (AASFP)
Body Weight Training Instructor Course (AASFP)

Regarding self-training

Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certification (AASFP)

Sports Massage Certification Course (AASFP)