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Postion: AASFP Bodybuilding Training Course Lecturer

Jaffy SO

AASFP Bodybuilding Training Course Lecturer
Experienced Bodybuilding Personal Trainer
Professional Bodybuilder Athlete


  • 2011 - Arnold Amateur IFBB International Bodybuilding Championship (USA) - Light Middleweight (80KG or below) – 4th place
  • 2010 - HKFBF Hong Kong Body-building Invitation Championships – Champion 80KG or below, Overall Champion
  • 2007, 2009 - HKCBBA Hong Kong Body-building Championships – Champion 75KG or below, Best Posing, Overall Champion
  • 2002-2004 - HKCBBA Hong Kong Body-building Championships – Champion 70KG or below, Best Posing

Other Experiences & Achievement :

  • Over 20 years of experience in bodybuilding and personal coaching
  • AASFP Certificate In Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Course Lecturer
  • AASFP Bodybuilding Workshops Lecturer since 2004
  • AASFP Fitness Specialist (Personal Training) Certification Courses Instructor since 2006
  • AASFP Bodybuilding training course lecturer since 2013

Strength & Mission:

  • Jaffy is quite the legendary bodybuilder in Hong Kong. He is the first-ever three-time Overall Champion and six-time Category Champion at the Hong Kong Bodybuilding Competition. In 2011, Jaffy continued his passion for bodybuilding by battling it out at the International Bodybuilding Competition, at which he took 4th place. The attention and recognition of Chinese bodybuilder is highly raised in the Western World.
  • Jaffy also developed the new program of Bodybuilding Training Certification Course which was taught by himself in 2013.The instructional materials of this course was developed based on the solid knowledge and insight gained by Jaffy from his own bodybuilding practical experience over a period of years. Having combined a theoretical approach and practical considerations, the course offerings focus on the mechanics, techniques and intricacies of muscle building. By learning the muscular and skeletal anatomy, muscle function, and the best exercises to build lean mass, most common mistakes that result in ineffective training will be avoided.
  • The course has achieved great success and is well received by the bodybuilders. In 2015, with an aim to further professionalizing bodybuilding in China, Jaffy has begun to expand his Bodybuilding Training Certification Course to different China cities successively.