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Postion: AASFP Master Trainer

Harry LI

AASFP Master Trainer


  • Postgraduate (Human Nutrition) , Ulster University of UK
  • Bachelor of Science (Nutrition), University of Sydney, Australia
  • AASFP Master Trainer
  • AASFP post-rehabilitation sports trainer
  • REP International Registered Fitness Trainer
  • Canadian National Academy of Osteopathy

Other Experiences & Achievement :

  • Deputy Director, Nutrition Program, International Beauty and Health Training Association
  • Product Manager, Multinational Health Products Company
  • MRRM columnist

Strength & Mission:

  • Has a keen sense of new health information and has extensive training and teaching experience. Subjects include sports nutrition, fitness theory and fitness application elements.
  • Biomechanics and human activity analysis, functional anatomy and comprehensive review of human motion analysis and other professional areas.