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Certificate In Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer (Daytime) Dec 09

Base Price: $14,980.00

Sales Price: $14,380.00



This course is recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF Level 3)

Certificate in Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer (Course Code: 35C111050)

Certificate holder of Certificate in Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer can apply for Continuing Education Fund (CEF).


Price : $14980  /  Early Bird (Less $600): registered 3 weeks on or before 18 Nov 2019




This course is designed for serious fitness training aspiring to become professional or personal fitness trainer and set up. The course will focus on the sports and fitness theory to practice the way professors, participants will view to course content to the actual environment and upon graduation became a full coach. The entire Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate Program is divided into three different parts, different from the general fitness training. A part of the fitness coaches theoretical and practical tips as well as gym equipment, while Part B medical content, special people and motor skills training programs as well as physical therapy-related application skills-based, propylene part and ask participants to Part A Part B of the theory and techniques learned in practice applied to work in the fitness room.


Admission: Over the age of 17, with the general Chinese reading and writing skills


Note: Students who holds Sports Science Institute and member of the Foundation Certificate of Fitness or equivalent University Department of Physics, Department of Physical Education or a related discipline, the base portion can apply for exemption directly enroll in Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer section (just successfully passed the Matriculation Examination).