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Pilates Instructor (Mat Work) Certification Feb 29

Base Price: $16,600.00

Sales Price: $16,200.00



Price : $16600 /  Member Price : $16200

Early Bird (Less $400) : registered 3 weeks on or before 08 Feb 2020 (2 weeks for AASFP Member)


Course + instant apply for AASFP Membership : Enjoy Discount $200

Payment via Visa card, the prodcedures are as follows:

Step 1 : Enroll AASFP Membership (Click here)

Enter Coupon Code : PILMAT0120MEM

Step 2 : Enroll this course


Apply for AASFP membership now with this course, the original membership fee $800 ( 2-year ), the best offer now.

Details of the benefit of membership.


Pilates is an exercise program developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the early 1900’s. It aims to wake up the silent component of our body including : balance, flexibility, awareness, coordination and control. With its focus on our core stability, Pilates is clinically used by physiotherapist as a training method for the prevention of low back pain, correcting postural problem and sports –specific training for athletes.

This course is suitable for Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Athletes, Group Fitness Instructors, Dancers and Fitness Professionals as well as fitness enthusiasts Admission:

Ms MICHELLE LAM B. Physio (Hons), RPT (HK, Aust.), BASITM Faculty Member